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Photo with Elder Robbins

From: Kendall Payne
Date:25-05-2015 1:41 AM (GMT-07:00)
To: Luana Payne
Subject: Fwd: Photo with Elder Robbins

Hey Family!!

So this past week was pretty fantastic. Last week during our weekly planning session it kind of just came to Elder Agabu and I were not going to be together for much longer, which was really very sad. I love him alot and i will miss him like crazy. He has been one of my favourite companions ever, just because of his hard working attitude. We were able to find many new investigators together and did our very best to continue to bring people to church. He opened my eyes to alot of the aspects of the work and i am grateful we had the opportunity to be together.

But this was in fact my last week in Thaba ‘Nchu which i did my best not to get to sad over. I love this area really with all my heart and all of the members and investigators who we met as well. It truly is a great place to be a missionary in. One of the members who i have gotten to know so well made me a birthday cake which truly was delicious haha. And i didnt get a letter for my birthday. All i got was best birthday wishes, a cake and another pie from the seniour couples which again was delicious haha.

On saturday we traveled to bloemfontein for stake conference, that was presided over by Elder Lynn G. Robbins of the presidency of the seventy and was also accompanied by Elder Hall of the third quorum of the seventy who actually comes from Johannesburg! But the stake conference session on saturday and sunday was awesome. He told us to think about ways we can continue to keep the sabbath day holy, when dealing with people how to be more Christ like in our actions and also the power of fasting. It made me think about how i can be better as a missionary and after mission as an individual. He also spoke of the mantle of authority which President Monson holds and a few of his many experiences with members of the twelve. Another experience he gave that i really liked was when President Packer called him to his office. When he walked in he was told a few things by president Packer. And i quote “Now so you know i am going to reprove you and help you by correcting you. But if you dont like it I wont do it ever again. Do you want me to sugar coat it or should i give it to you straight?” It gave me an example of what we need to do in our lives when someone needs correction. He later told us that this was how Heavenly Father would act as well. He wants to help us, but he wont nag on us. How willingly would you repent if the Lord told you every day of all the things you have done wrong? You would get very tired of it. And he said even though it will be tough, leave a lot of matters to the Lord when you need to give someone correction and it will com out alright.

Well just so you know as well im getting transferred to an area called Kwamashu that is very close to Durban which is exciting.

(Personal notes to family)

Have a good week family!! I love you and wish the best for you!!

Elder Payne

Photo with Elder Robbins
Photo with Elder Robbins
Elder Payne and his birthday cake
Elder Payne with his birthday cake some kind person made him!

Families with Divine Potential

Date: Mon, 18 May 2015 11:22:55 +0200
Subject: Families with Divine Potential
From: kendall.payne
To: cardstonmomma

Hey family!!

(personal notes to family members)…

This past week was pretty great. I had a great exchange with another elder from my district who i have adopted as my second son on mission. He is in the same group as my companion right now, so i felt like adopting him. And i guess the process is complete because he agreed haha.

Recently i have been praying to heavenly father to help us find a good solid father led family and in this past week he has given us two answers to my prayers. The first was an older man by the name of Piet who approached us on the street and asked us to help him quit smoking. And i am happy to say that he has gone from five cigarretes a day, down to two and now he is working on trying to smoke none. He is a pretty big example to me that Heavenly Father can do anything. The second answer to prayer was a call from a woman named Mpho who had some contact with the missionaries in the past and called us to come and give her neighbors child a blessing. The families name whose house we came into was the Sikwela’s. After having a great visit with them and feeling the spirit pretty strongly, it was obvious to me that the Lord had answered my prayers and wanted both of these families and individuals to come into the church. I am grateful that the Lord answered my prayers and continues to aid us in his Work. I know that all three individuals (counting the Sikwela’s as a family unit) can and will progress and that the Lord needs them for some purpose in his church.

(personal notes to family members)…

And ill let you know how my birthday turns out. But as of now we have my favourite activity planned which is missionary work. Have a good week all and remember i love you!!


Birthday package!

Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2014 15:54:19 +0200
From: kendall.payne
To: cardstonmomma

So as you can see i got my package!! The contents are wonderful and i love them so much! especially the scripture markers! those are going to make my studies alot more fruitful instead of using a highlighter that fades. The only problem is i have to remark everything ive marked since january but thats okay haha. Why in the world did you send that creepy laughing clown? i dont like it. but i know how i will use it haha. And yes i do have stinky feet. everyday when i take off my shoes my companion asks “did something die in here?” Thanks again for the package. i hope you enjoy what i sent you. And happy fathers day dad! as a missionary holidays dont really mean a thing. just another day to work. So this week My companion and i were very sick again. We went to the doctor and he told us to that it was probably because of all the dust mites in the blankets we have been using at night. so we stayed inside for two more days… I hope this is the only time on mission when i get sick because staying inside all day and resting is not fun at all. Nothing really big happened that is of worthy note other than i passed my five month mark and this is the last week of the transfer. I really love Elder Kelsey. He told me That his dad served in tennessee and one of his favourite companions was Tim Leavitt from Lethbridge!! small world eh? Also something interesting this week that i found out, we had a senior couple here called the Hulls that went home from there mission. Guess where their home was?? Cardston Alberta!! so maybe you should talk to them. Then also The Herringtons another senior couple told us That they know Philip Redd our stake patriarch! i was sad to hear that his wife passed away this week. But ya! Thats three people that are drawn back to our small Part of the world! i LOVE YOU PEOPLE! HAVE A GOOD WEEK!! Elder Payne

Elder Payne received his birthday package!
Elder Payne received his birthday package!
Birthday cards
Birthday cards
Lots of toy paratroopers!
A gift of toy paratroopers means business!
Elder Payne expressing thanks at the gifts of his birthday candies.
This picture says it all…