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Final Testimony

Date: Mon, 30 Nov 2015 10:42:07 +0200
Subject: Re: Nov. 29, 2015
From: kendall.payne
To: cardstonmomma

Hey family!

So as you know my mission is coming to a close. On monday right after emailing we drove four hours to Durban so that we would be able to attend our zone conference the next day. So tuesday we enjoyed getting taught from president and understanding how we can be better missionaries. I was happy that i was able to learn and apply some things that president was sharing with us. The week prior to the conference our zone got asked to perform a musical number, so we chose to sing “I Love the Lord” to the tune of “Be Still My Soul”. It was great. We didnt quite sound like the mormon tabernacle Choir, but it really was a close second haha. Also all the missionaries who were going home were asked to bear their final testimonies with those present. It was a wonderful experience. For those who havent had opportunity to hear the final remarks of a missionary you honestly are missing out, because it was so spiritually powerful. It seemed like the spirit kept getting stronger with each young man who stood and testified as well. Finally it came to be my turn. I sort of wanted to make the excuse that i was crying so i had to go wipe my eyes and blow my nose, but it would have been very lame of me and probably would have affected the spirit of the meeting.

I bore my testimony on how church leaders are inspired and how in the Kingdom of God there are no wrong calls. I know because i received two mission calls haha. I told the missionaries how our church leaders are inspired in their callings. I mentioned how the Lord Humbled me on my mission, the gratitude i had for each companion and how we need to depend on the Lord in all that we do. I felt a little bit overcome at some points (meaning i cried again) but i regained control and finished with my love of the gospel, The love i feel for Joseph Smith, Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father.

After finishing what i felt i needed to say i stepped down from the stand, having the feeling that i was able to bear my testimony as powerfully as i could. Prior to the meeting i had said many prayers that God wold bless me so i would know what to say. Immediately after ward i prayed again but offering thanks to the Lord for helping me fulfill another purpose in his kingdom.

My companion and i had a very good week as well. We were invited to celebrate American thanksgiving with our seniour couple and chowed turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and buns like nobodies business. I was so full the next morning i skipped breakfast to avoid feeling sick. It really was a glorious feast and although i may not be an american, i will certainly celebrate any holiday from any country, because most national holidays involve some sort of feasting period and i enjoy that.

Then this morning we woke up at three so i could drive one of my dear missionary friends to a bus station two hours away so he could receive some training provided from the mission for the benefit of elders going home so they have a foot in the door so to speak. As we were teaching throughout the week i heard something that impressed me. It was said by a young man who turned from the streets to become a successful artist and he said “A journey never ends, its only the heel that finishes.” I liked that thought and how it pertained to mortality and what all of us do. I would like to say his statement with a little twist though. “Our missions never end, the work of the Lord never ends. The only thing that does end is the time frame in which we have to work in.” So even though my two year time frame has now been shrunk to two weeks i will forever remain a missionary at heart, because i want to continue to see lives change the way that mine has.

I know this church is true. I know God lives. I bear testimony to that fact and so do thousands and millions of others upon the face of this earth. If you havent started on your journey of discipleship, put the armour of God about you and embark. He will protect you. He loves you and so do I.

Elder Payne


To Speak as Bold as a Lion

Date: Mon, 24 Aug 2015 10:44:15 +0200
Subject: Re: This week
From: kendall.payne
To: cardstonmomma

Hey Family!

So this week was again interesting. We had a massive group of missionaries go home ( 18 in total) and only sixteen missionaries to replace them. They are the biggest incoming and outgoing groups i have ever seen on my time on mission. It was kind of funny thinking back to when i was new and walked around the mission home talking with old missionaries and being amazed at how old on mission they were and all the stories they had to tell. Now everything was on the flipside and i was the super old dude making friends with all the newbs coming into the mission. I liked watching their face light up when i answered their question as to how old i was on mission. “WOW!! 20 months! you are almost finished! You are so lucky!” I agreed with them that yes i was lucky to have gotten this far on my mission. Some elders or sisters experience hard times and then choose to go home. Others develop illness and get sent home before their alloted time is up. But i realised something about being a missionary recently that im sure has been talked about before. The minute you decide to serve a mission, you start making sacrifices, most times immediately. Then coming on mission and working on mission is a completely different story as well. It also requires you to sacrifice, but it more requires you to stretch in ways you never though you could. So just an opinion, but i feel like people judge missionaries who return home from their missions, going almost immediately to asking the question “Are you still worthy?” I find it unfair and unjust. Think about the individuals circumstances. Think about what that person would be like without the support of the church in their lives. It would be a drastic change. So i guess what i am asking is be more of a christ like disciple to those who chose to be Christs missionaries, yet returned home, Even if they returned home dishonorably. I think the Lord understands and still loves them. I think that we should also do the same. To quote the Saviour “Judge not the ye be not judged”

Also yesterday my companion and i gave talks in Sacrament meeting. I had prepared a talk about enduring Temptations and trials and my Companion had prepared about caring for the disabled. I had planned and prayed over my material and strongly about it, yet still asked the lord to bless me with strength to give my talk and to calm my fear of being in front of a large congregation. As we sat down i was feeling great and ready to give my talk and also to speak as bold as a Lion. Then the mission president walked into the sacrament meeting. Seeing him walk in made me more nervous, because i would now be speaking in front of a man who i love and respect so much, i felt like he expected a bit more from me that i had prepared. But sticking to my original plan and determined not to look him in the eyes i gave my talk. It turned out wonderfully, even if my hands were shaking like an old man who had developed parkinsons disease. After my talk finished i sat down relieved. Then i looked at my president. He looked at my companion and I, With a small gleam in his eye. It was more the look a father has for his son after he wins his first award. So i knew the President was happy with what my comp and i had done and i felt comforted at that point. It was really intense haha but i loved it.

I hope you all enjoy your week! Remember i love you!

Elder Payne