Ponder the Path of thy Feet

Date: Mon, 2 Nov 2015 10:51:03 +0200
Subject: Re: from mom
From: kendall.payne
To: cardstonmomma

Hey Family!

So right now i am currently serving with a missionary who is finishing his mission at the same time as i am. I showed him the past email with the flight itinerary and he said “Your family trusts you a lot! if i got to see my flight plan home i would get really trunky.” So i guess the church hasnt sent the missionaries their flgiht plans home… But i think its okay haha.

This week was pretty great. My companion said something this week that struck me and i have been thinking about it all week. On one particular day we had a day fully booked with appointments. During our nightly planning before the very filled and eventful day he said “Companion! tomorrow we teach the Multitudes!” I laughed at the joke at first but then started realizing that what he said was true. We were indeed teaching a lot of people that day, but then i started to think about it on a deeper level. Over the course of a missionaries mission he will have opportunity to teach many individuals who are seeking to change their lives. Even if the opportunity to teach doesnt come as frequently as they would wish, they can still testify, which in some cases is a much more powerful sermon than a lesson that can be prepared and taught with power. So every missionary will truly walk as Jesus walked during the course of his mission. The paths though in different parts of the world and at different time in history are the same for every one. Every path we walk on or every opportunity we have with the gospel has already been covered by the Master of Mankind. Some of these paths involve great sorrow, dissapointment, humiliation, Achievements, happiness, growth, and many others.

Something as well sticks out to me and that is a message delivered by our dear prophet President Monson titled “Ponder the Path of they feet”. He gave an example of a woman who traveled to the holy land and afterward exclaimed “I walked where Jesus walked!” He said while it can be a moving experience, it is not so important to walk where Christ walked but to walk as he walked. He later explained that the path he was mentioning was the path of discipleship.. So us as his servants or as members of his church are called to pattern our lives after his example and Develop the attributes that he had such as Humility, faith, hope, being willing to forgive and many countless other positive attributes. One reason why we are to constantly think about where a particular path may be leading us is because God wants us to draw closer to him and not further away. Before making a decision we should think if it will aid us or break us down. It is so important to follow counsel given us by all those who have been appointed of christ because they know how we can draw close to him.

That we may always be on the path back to our heavenly home is my prayer. I hope for all individuals and their families that at some point in this life that they will accept gods message and become one in purpose with him.

I love you all!! Have a good week!!

Elder Payne


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