Sacrifice Brings Forth the Blessings of Heaven

From: Kendall Payne
Date: 2015-10-19 4:04 AM
To: Luana Payne
Subject: Re: Hello

Hey Family!!

So this week was eventful as always. We had our interviews with President Zackrison on wednesday which was great. I always love interviews with our president cause i love being able to tell someone else how much im enjoying the work and what sort of things im working on. Our conversation started off with him mentioning to me about how much i have progressed ever since i first walked into the field. Ill always remember what he told me my first interview which was ”Elder Payne, when i served my mission some of the hardest workers i ever saw came from growing up on a farm. So i expect you to work hard on you mission.” Right there and then i made the decision that i would work hard from that day and forever. President also mentioned to me this time that he has noticed how hard my companions and i have worked and it has been a sense of a little joy to him because in his words I have been the sort of missionary he could trust and also the Lord could trust.. I felt quite happy being able to see what he said was true. The lord has trusted me with alot including terms of areas and companions. One of my first desires has become to always do what the Lord has asked and do it willingly. This ties in to what i want to share today which is something about sacrifice.

In heaven the first law before anything else is obedience. If a servant is obedient to that which the Lord has asked of him he shall be blessed. If he is not he receives no such blessing. But to be obedient requires somethings from us. It requires us being willing to sacrifice for a commandment, because we have a hope that behind the sacrifice and the commandment comes a blessing. God always has been and always will be a god who notes sacrifices and will always bless us for making such sacrifices for him. One example is abraham who was willing to sacrifice his only son, just because the lord commanded him to do so. Now making the decision could not have been easy for him, but in the end it was made and in the end he was blessed and is still being blessed up to this day. Another example of sacrifice the Lord asks for is for Young men to serve missions. Now some young men choose not to serve because they are unwilling to sacrifice any time for what seems like at first glance something that just requires a load of hard work with no immediate blessings visible. But you should ask a young man who enjoyed serving his mission for the lord if the sacrifices he made for the Lord were worth it. It will be and will always be from the mouth of faithful returned missionaries that the sacrifices you make for mission are small to the blessings you receive after mission. It will always be this way as well. We put in so little effort considering all the blessing we reap..

Sacrifice isnt easy, But it is well worth it. Think to the time christ was in the garden of gethsemane. If he was willing only to atone for a few of mankinds many sins, Or if he chose not to sacrifice his life at all, then all of us, regardless of who we are, would never return to live in Gods presence. Our sacrifices our small as well, when considered against that of the early saints who left homes of comfort in europe, with many only to find a grave in america, not having reached zion. I would like to testify as well sacrifices are worth it, whether it is something big or small. If i had been unwilling to sacrifice my laziness early on in my mission i would not have become the hard working servant that stands before many people today. If i had been unwilling to serve a mission i never would have come to know the lord in the degree that i know him today.

So in short my week was great, because i was willing to sacrifice for my lord and do his holy work to which i have been called.

I love you all!

Elder Payne


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