Staying Obedient

From: Kendall Payne
Date: 2015-10-12 3:17 AM
To: Luana Payne;
Subject: Staying obedient

Hey family!

So this week was very hot. When i say this i am talking about weather coming up into the high 30 degree (Celsius) range (around 100 degrees Farenheit). But despite the extreme weather my companion and i did some old fashioned tracting work and found some success. Actually just getting into one house or meeting one person makes tracting worthwhile so we were met with success everyday which was pretty good. After a long week of being on our feet we closed yesterday being very tired. My companion said to me though “Elder Payne you have shocked me since we have been companion. Every morning you are up at six thirty. Every evening before you go to bed you read your scriptures and pray. Every day if we run out of things to do you are willing to tract.”

I was very complimented to say the least and i looked back on why i have been being obedient. The short of it is this- I love Heavenly Father, I love my Priesthood leaders who gave us mission rules and i love my Mission President all very deeply. Because of the love which i have for all these individuals it drives me to be better and to want to keep the rules.

This is the same reason that Christ did all that Heavenly Father had in store for him as well. A deep abiding love for him and what he can do for us. Its this same love that helps us keep commandments, even if we do not fully understand them. But also remember that when you keep a commandment, you receive the blessing that is attached to it. So even if you may not understand why it has been given us, keep the commandment and you will see blessings flow into your life.

I know God loves us so much that he wants to protect us and the way he does so is by giving us commandments. They bring such safety and peace into our lives.

I love you all.

Elder Payne


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