Getting Back the Greenie Fire

Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2015 10:39:40 +0200
Subject: Re: This week
From: kendall.payne
To: cardstonmomma

Hey family!

This was another great week to be a missionary. It was a week of almost constantly changing my companionI . On tuesday i was with My zone leader Elder Doane. To start off the day we had service at a members house taking down a wall inside their house. Not going to lie… it felt pretty good beating on a brick wall with a hammer. To quote Elder Doane “I feel like a man having done this!” haha it was awesome. The rest of the day was filled with rain and a little depression, but our hearts were gladdened as we found a DOMINOES PIZZA PLACE!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!! I mean i loved south africa before, but now that dominoes is in the country i think they will have a tough time sending me back home.

On wednesday i was with the newest elder in our district Elder Mcopela from Zimbabwe. He inspired me alot with all the enthusiasm he has. Recently i have been feeling a bit tired, but i think he was able to strengthen me with what we call Greenie fire. It was a moment of realization for me and on how much i have changed and grown since i started all from what feels like centuries ago. He is still looking forward to his Two years, while i am almost at the point where all i can do is look back at my two years. New missionaries bring such hope to all of us that all we want is to be better.

On thursday i was with Elder Olsen whom i have served around for a very long time and have grown to love. We talked alot about our past experiences and shared with each other. During this exchange however, I had the opportunity to interview three candidates for baptism. I was struck with the memory this time of how i was interviewed for baptism, what the bishop said and did and how i responded. I was at first happy i could remember so far back, but it helped me this time because i was interviewing Primary aged children. After all the interviews we had a great lesson that we taught to a man and his wife about the book of mormon. All in all the exchanges were great and i continued to learn of how to be a better person and missionary.

One thing i have learned this week has been about the Plan of Salvation. I started reading Jesus the Christ again and it amazed me how willing Christ Was from the Beginning of time to do what God intended for him and how submissive we have to be to receive blessings to God. To roughly quote the prophet Alma “all men come to earth as Carnal men” so our quest or journey in life is to become spiritual beings who love and fear our creator. As we grow in our desire to become as he is, we shrug off the chains of mortality and become saints through the atonement of His son Jesus Christ.

Well that’s about it for this week. I wanted to let you people know i have three months left exactly today!! Its getting exciting but it is still a long ways away. I hope you all do great this week and really ponder what it is that God would have you do for him!

Stay strong. Stay faithful!

Elder Payne


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