Expand your Boundaries of Willingness

On Mon, Sep 7, 2015 at 3:48 AM, Kendall Payne wrote:

Hey Family!

So this week was again fantabulous! On tuesday we had our zone conference. It was all about being better teachers and sharing the gospel in more creative ways. In short i loved it. I always have and i know i always will. Something that struck me this time was that i only have one zone conference left. Usually at the end of every zone conference the old missionaries bear their testimonies so this means next zone conference i will be bearing my closing mission testimony. It was kind of a sad thought, but i know that we all must come to a close of our missions at some point. Ever since my mission began i have felt myself become stronger in faith and also testimony. This is a state of progression which is in contrast to a state of degression. We either progress in life or degress. There is no middle ground in this. You just cant stand still. This is not according to the will of the Lord. Staying in motion means you continue to grow stronger and stronger. If you wait and chill then you decrease in strength and power. So to be a powerful servant of the Lord you have to continue pushing forward. There is no turning back in this.

Also this week our mission president held a meeting to train all the leaders in the mission (i was personally very grateful for this because i was still fumbling alot in trying to learn how to be a good District leader). One reason why i think he held such a meeting was so that he could tell us what to do in our callings, and also went over quite a few qualities of great leaders and also horrible leaders. I was not really shocked to see that i lacked alot of the excellent leadership qualities, but also happy that i didnt have very many of the horrible leadership qualities. When our President was at home he worked as a partner for a law firm. After saying this he told us that the best quality that any associate or paralegal could possess was to look at all the responsibilities for the job ahead and start working on everything all at once, even though he was the Head of the case in almost all situations. He said it made his job so much easier, because more than half the work was done by the person working beneath him. Then he added a bit of advice to us as well, saying if we want to be successful people we must have this quality within us, and we will rise quickly through the ranks of our jobs. After pondering about it for a fair amount of time i came to the conclusion all our President was asking us to do was to magnify our callings and widen our circles of willingness. Too often people want to confine themselves in their own responsibilites so they dont get into trouble. But individuals who do this are missing out on some of lifes greatest blessings. It was pretty cool learning that and knowing that what he said was true.

So again i have a challenge for whoever may read this weeks email. Find the boundaries of your calling or position at work. And then expand upon them. Doing so will bring you much praise by fellow employees and members of the church. Many shall call you a blessing to have around, for you do so much more than you are expected to do. Also as an added side to this you will never have a dull moment in life. Again, staying still brings sadness, But keeping busy brings joyfulness. Of these things i add my testimony.

I love you all. … (personal loving notes to family members.)

Elder Payne


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