Pray for Missionary Experiences!

Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2015 11:28:37 +0200
Subject: Re: This week
From: kendall.payne
To: cardstonmomma

hey family!

This past week was again great! One problem i have though is i really dont prepare for writing you on mondays. I know we did things, but now i have to scramble to find things to write haha.

Last week after email the district that i am in went to the Moses Mabhida stadium to take some pictures of the surrounding area of Durban. We were able to get on top of the stadium by means of a skycar (which is essentially just a trolley car that is rigged onto the side of the stadium. It was super cool, but really cold because of the darn wind!

Also this week i hspent some time thinking of how we can best find people who are ready for the gospel. And the breakthrough was essentially this – Read a persons face, emotions and take notice of their lifestyle and background. Then you will know if an individual is prepared or not. For example… My companion was getting his hair cut and as we walked in to the hair salon, some people were sitting outside enjoying their alcohol and started hassling us. Even though i really badly want them to improve their life situation, personally can do nothing if such individuals enjoy the life in which they live. In order for the individuals who were drinking to change they need a major humbling experience, which is something only the Lord can Bless them with. So all i can do now that i have realized to read people is to pray members of the church do their part and lead friends which they have to us as well. Because my comp and i will meet alot of people who are not serious before we finally get to the one who needs the gospel. Frustrating? It can be. Discouraging? It has potential to be. But only if you let it! For now we will work and do our part, but we remain focused on what we need to do which is bringing prepared families into this gospel. So my challenge to anyone who reads this weeks email- Pray about an individual to bring to the gospel this month so as the lighten the Load of the work of the missionaries around you.

Also it was transfers! But my comp and i are staying together so no big news haha.

I love you guys and i love all the help which you have given and continue to give to me. Having a big family is a blessing really to all individuals within that family unit. Have a good week!!

Elder Payne


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