Be Ye Therefore Perfect

Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2015 14:45:47 +0200
Subject: Re:
From: kendall.payne
To: cardstonmomma

Hey family!

Its actually kind of sad that the house is now repainted… Ill miss that faded pink… NOT!! GOOD RIDDANCE!! its nice as well to hear that everyone enjoyed the parade this year. Thats again cool. Also mom dont give up on the reading program! It may be tough but it is well worth it! Just keep reading!

So for myself this past week it was pretty great. Our mission president called for a specialized training on tuesday to help us focus on finding families. I have been curious for my whole mission how to bring families into the gospel and he helped with the answer. We just have to start where it will matter most, meaning with the father and mother. finding individuals is good but to help converts stay converted, their whole family needs to know what the standards of the church are. So our mission i guess is really cracking down on finding whole cohesive family units.

Before i go into wednesday i just want to quote a small scripture: “Be ye therefore perfect,even as your father in heaven or I, am prefect.” This scripture was given by Christ to his disciples. I believe there are many reasons why he said such, but i want to highlight only one idea that can come from reading the verse. Christ wanted those who he was with to elevate their goals and perfect themselves and do christ like things their whole lives. Now ill go into the events on wednesday. This Wednesday, for me, was different than any other i think i have experienced on mission, mainly because it was interviews. Usually during an interview with the president he asks you questions about what your goals are on mission, How you can improve in the work and things like that. Its a great and wonderful spiritual experience always for myself for i love My mission president. And we did talk about the work this time as well, but he told me “Elder Payne you are getting to be an old missionary. I think now is the time that we talk about what you want to do after you mission.” I was prepared to answer such a question! Or so i thought. i had thought about what i wanted to do when i get home where to go to school and things like that. And so i spilled the beans.i shared my goals with President Zackrison and he sat there taking all of it in. And then said this “Elder Payne… those are good ideas, but not really good goals for yourself. You are smart and intelligent and have lots of experience behind you. Lets think of some better goals for you to achieve in your life.” Again i was stunned, but not shocked. So for the next half hour or so we conversed and created goals for myself to achieve. Most of my original goals got crushed, but i was still okay with it,because My President knows me and wants me to achieve great things. Counsel he has been sharing with everyone who has stepped into an interview has been this “stay as close to the numbers as you can.” So for myself originally wanting to go into Organizational behaviour he said that is still a great goal. But that if i got an accounting degree i can actually get hired to do much of the same work as a person who has that degree. He also said statistics would be a really great field for me, but i felt more inclined still towards Organizational behaviour or Accounting. Then we discussed which schools to attend. I shared with him how i was stuck between two universities in Alberta (MRU or U of C). But i also told him that if i had opportunity i would like to do some schooling in America. The conclusion came down to this… I need to go to school. Right away. So i am asking you know to help me with my application to attend The University of Calgary. Early Application starts in september, so i would like to have my application in NO LATER than september 10. I would like to get my associates degree in accounting and then after getting it in Canada im going to apply to get into Brigham Young University in Provo utah. The reason is because BYU has the best accounting program probably in the whole world and i plan to get my MBA, masters and potentially a Ph.D in BYU. President felt like i could do it and i definitely felt like i could do it as well. since i made the decision to serve a mission the opportunities are now limitless to me with where i can go in life.

Also yesterday we had a baptism of a young man named Brandon Mthembu who as you can see, asked me to baptize him. I love this guy like one of my rugby brothers. He is truly a fellow brother in christ. Last transfer with Elder Ncube, we found him sitting in a house all by himself. I dont know what else to say because i am so happy about it. He is powerful!! He has also told us that next year on August 9 that he will be applying for his own mission which is very cool.

I love you all and wish you the best during your summer break!! Please help me in my requests to go to school!!

Elder Payne

… (personal note to family member)


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