Never Think a Job is Below You

Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2015 12:22:14 +0200
Subject: Re:
From: kendall.payne
To: cardstonmomma

Haha well mom i have to admit. You are reading the book of mormon the way a missionary would read it (in a Facebook group for reading the Book of Mormon she created; please join us at I would like to join you in your journey to finish the Book of Mormon by Dec.7, but im going to continue from where i am at now in mosiah 5. To answer (a book group member’s) question – Nephi didnt actually want to kill Laban. That is not something that he wanted to do. The lord commanded him twice and Then nephi still had problems with it until he did realize that Laban did try to kill him and his family. He knew the commandment that says “thou shalt not kill” given by the mouth of the Lord. But since God commands all life he has the right to say “thou shalt utterly destroy every living thing” and that is his judgement to make. I do hope that this helps you out at least a little bit. I think she may actually be talking about religion extremists who share the view of being commanded by god to kill others so again try to think of an answer that would best help her. Pray about what you want to share first and use the gift of the holy ghost! It is very, very important that you use the holy ghost.

This past week was pretty great. I did an exchange with Elder Olsen who is a member in my district. I still have an exchange with the Zone leauders tonight and tomorrow and then on wednesday with my other district member. So im very busy these days but things are still doing great! As well we have one investigator being interviewed this week for baptism and then on wednesday i am conducting my first baptismal interview. I am a little nervous for such, but i know it will be great. While i was with Elder Olsen he shared with me something i was kind of shocked that he didnt know. During the day we had dedicated a small amount of time to finding. After we had succesfully contacted one or two people and got back into the car to head off to our appointments he told me that for a little bit he has struggled on how to get more people to teach, but he has always overlooked tracting. After a succesful session of tracting (getting one contact makes the effort a success) he said “I will always try to find new investigators” And he and his companion got a lot of new investigators this week! So it just told me, never think an activity or a job is below you. For “the son of man hath desended below them all.” (D&C 121:6-12) And it actually humbled me a bit haha which was good.

Haha just something interesting you might find funny. Last night as my companion and i were doing nightly planning he told me “Elder Payne do you know how to have fun?” I asked him why he was asking such a question for i considered myself appropriately funny. He then told me “YOU WORK LIKE NOTHING ELSE! WE HAVE NO FUN!!” haha i actually feel bad because i look at all our time together and i have been working him very hard. So i have also come to realize that even if you want to be the hardest working missionary in the mission you can do so and you will enjoy doing it because it is your goal. But others (or companions) may not share the same enthusiasim because it is not their goal. So with wisdom i say this now: Openly share your goals with everyone so they know where you stand and what you want to accomplish. Then if their goals dont match what yours do then there is a beautiful principle you can apply called Compromising. It is important to work one with another with the same goals in mind and not to drag one another to the work.

But i love you all. Have a fantastic week!!

Elder Payne


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