Learn to Analyze the Whole Situation

Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2015 12:48:27 +0200
Subject: Re:
From: kendall.payne
To: cardstonmomma

Hey family!

Thats great to hear that christian (Burton) is home! Im so happy for him. When you can please give him my congradulations and love. I think he was the last friend of mine from around cardston that was on mission before i was. I now remain alone! Haha just kidding.

But some cool news! This past tuesday we had new missionaries come into our mission. Usually the standard is one or two from america (if not more) two or three from africa (often more) and then maybe a straggler from england if we have luck on our side. But in this group there was another special soul coming all the way from the frozen north of CANADA!!! I was so excited to hear another fellow canadian come into the mission, since Elder Faganello and i have been alone ever since Elder macmillan got reassigned to the mozambique mission. So for the first time in my eighteen months on mission we have been Blessed with another from our lovely country. Also as an added bonus guess which city he is from? Calgary Alberta!! I almost shouted when i heard this! When i go home i am definitely going to find his family. The thing is though he comes from the south of Calgary while i spent all my time in the North west and north east. But still he is close enough to home for me to see him when he gets home… In Eighteen months…. But its still cool!! Oh Also his name. He is Elder Michelson. I dont know how, but if you could find his family it would be power to the max!

Also i received a new companion whose name is Elder Frederick from cape town. What is interesting is that he started his mission in botshabelo when i was serving in botshabelo/ Thabanchu. So i already knew who he was which i think is a huge blessing to me!! He has started me to play chess after nightly planning which is a very great game. It has been teaching me to step back and analyze the whole situation before i jump into a bad scene or move. And you can apply it to the gospel. We need to be very careful in our planning as latter day saints, or else we shall be trapped by our own bad choices and feelings. So my counsel would be… Be careful and continue to polish up your skills on the basics of the gospel. There is unknown power in doing these things. Engage in the Work of the lord and he will continue to bless you.

Well i think thats it for this week! I look forward to seeing you all at christmas time, but i wont focus on it. Love you like always!

Elder Payne


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