New Return Home Date

From: Kendall Payne
Date: 2015-06-29 2:58 AM
To: Luana Payne;
Subject:Re: Photo with Elder Robbins

hey Family!!

This past week was again great! My companion and i were in the mission office a few times and sister poelman (who is in charge of incoming and outgoing elders) called me over and said “Elder Payne i have something i want to tell you! Because your group is ending their missions so close to december we are going to be sending you home on either the Seventh of December or The Fourteenth. Doesnt that sound wonderful?” At first when i heard it it sounded more the the dentist coming in and saying “Oh Elder Payne! We just got your xrays back from the Physicians and it looks like we are going to have to remove your wisdom teeth again! Doesnt that sound wonderful?” Haha so in essence what i am trying to say is even though i know it has to happen, it is still going to be very sad and almost painful to me. I love my mission and i hold it very sacred to me. I wish that there was some way that i could continue to be a missionary here in South Africa. But at some point i must return home.

We have had some great opportunities this week. My companion and i made contact with a man who has been around the church for the past twelve years and made the decision to get baptized. He is married to a member and has been attending our church for the past twelve years without going to his old church. It was quite an interesting experience. Also it really does seem like new people are just coming out of the wood work for us to teach. The Lord is really blessing my companion and i for the labour we are doing and it is wonderful.

Yesterday as well we had a very good lesson with two of our young men whom we are currently working with. One of the brothers expressed how he loved sacrament and young mens class but despised sunday school. Upon him saying that i got the impression that he really needs to talk with the branch president about his situation. After a little more discussing he did admit to us that he had done something that he wanted to move away from, but my companion told him that he could not get rid of his guilt unless he talked with president. He mentioned to us that other members had told him the same thing but he was still hesitant about it. Inwardly it made me sad cause i know the difference that could happen in his life.

(personal notes to family members)

Have a good week! I love you all!!

Elder Payne


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