An Awesome Investigator!

Hey Family!

Things this past week were pretty powerful concluding with a powerful sunday service yesterday. In my first week with Elder Ncube we tracted into a young man by the name of Brendon who said he was interested in what we had to say, but had no desire to show up to our Church service. After sometime of teaching with him he told us that we would be seeing him this sunday at church. And he held to his word. When we walked into the chapel Our District Leader approached us and asked if we knew a young man named brendon. We replied in the affirmative and he said “well he has been waiting for you guys since almost Half past eight!” We then quickly found him in the chapel and sat next to him during Fast and testimony meeting which was jam packed full of grest and wonderful testimonies of many members. Finally just as the meeting was about to close he leaned over to my companion and asked if he could bear his testimony. My companion said yes and the Brendon took his seat on the stand. When he reached the pulpit he said “Hello everyone. My name is Brendon. Im new to this church so not many of you know me yet. But i wanted to thank all of you for being so kind to me already. As i walked into the chapel this morning though it wasnt the kind smiling faces that i met, or the beautiful walls of this place that makes me want to come back. It was a sudden warmth, peace and comfort that i felt that will bring me back. I love you all. Amen”

His testimony was Power and i can easily say it was one of my favourite sundays probably ever in my whole life.

Later when we had an appointment with him we asked him how church was and he said “In a way… Awesome! the church was so great and i really loved it. I feel a real sense of belonging unlike any other church i have attended in my life.” We as well committed him to baptismal date and he told us “I would love to! I have wanted to get baptized my whole life and now it seems like the time when i should get baptized.” Again straight power.

As my companion and i talked about him later he said to me ” I feel like the Lord has prepared this man for us to bring into the church.” And i as well felt that this young man will bring many souls unto christ using his powerful testimony of the Lord. And i wanted to bear my testimony to you as well, the Lord can do his own work and does prepare people for us to find and bring into the church. All that we have to do is some hard work, and then the Lord will provide the rest.

I wanted to thank you (mom and dad) For teaching me to work hard at home. It really has paid off in missionary work. Not to toot my own horn, but i have been told Some leaders i have had on mission and also other missionaries tell me, That my companion and i are Probably the two hardest working missionaries that they have ever seen. It doesnt matter who my companion is, but we are dedicated to working hard and being obedient at that as well.

I love you guys and i am glad that the week at home went good. Give some props to Janessa for making Cheer Captain!!

Elder Payne


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