The Lord is Personally Watching Over Us

Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2015 11:05:51 +0200
Subject: Re: Exciting things.
From: kendall.payne
To: cardstonmomma

Hey there family!!

So this week all ill tell you about myself is im great. I had a small battle with a cold, but having amazing senior couples and a good time of rest and a priesthood blessing have helped beyond measure.

But this week i want to focus more on what i learned and what i witnessed.

We watched conference on saturday and sunday which was amazing as usual. As The presidency of the church addressed the members of the church i could feel the love they have for us as our leaders and the love Jesus Christ Has for us as well. I received a confirming witness as well that our leaders are inspired and at this conference they really spoke of the love that is mandatory to be within families. I cant remember who the speaker was but his talk was about the prodigal son and watching and waiting for members of our families to return. For you two Mom and Dad that would be my counsel to you about your sibling who have fallen away. Continue loving them and inviting them to important moments in our families lives. When it comes time i would like the two of you to invite them to my homecoming talk.

As well another lesson learned this week was that the Lord is always watching us. At the end of General Conference our relief society president approached us and said she had a less active referral for us and that we needed to stop by her house later. When we had an available moment we went to her house and met this woman. When we started talking Sister Mathobisa (relief society president) told us how when she was coming to church, she realized she had forgotten her tithe money and went back to collect it. On her way she met a woman who was crying her eyes away. After giving appropriate comfort she said “well right now i am on my way to church, Why dont you come with me?” When they approached the gates the woman told her again “Im so happy your church is my church. I am also a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, but i have been inactive for seven years.” Later as we talked with her she told us how she was raised in the church, baptized as a child of record and progressed from primary, to young womans to relief society and how much love she had felt during that period of her life. When asked why she was crying she said “my life is complicated. But it probably is because i havent kept the commandments.” Immediately my companion and i knew, her needs surpassed our expertise and we needed help. We called our bishop and told him we needed him as soon as possible. Within the next ten minutes our bishop was interviewing this woman in their native tongue of SetTwsana and had a very in depth conversation. After speaking to her he then said in English “Sister, i want to to realize something here and now. When you were at the lowest point in your life, when you truly needed help who were the hands that you fell into? Back into the church with which you are so familiar. Your relief society president met you, the elders came and blessed you and now your bishop is here to help you. Just know that for the past seven years the Lord has kept track of you and that this series of events are not coincidences. No such things happen in the kingdom of the Lord. You were meant to be here this day.”

I can testify to you the Lord is personally watching over us, and is leading all of us by his divine hands.

I love you all and hope you have a good week!!

Elder Payne

Elder Payne climbing!
Elder Payne climbing!

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