Give me a Brick

On Tue, Apr 14, 2015 at 1:00 PM, Kendall Payne wrote:
Hey family!!

From the picture you sent me with shaelyns car it looks like you took out the garden fence. And yes i do know Elder Webb and he has mentioned to me as well that he has relatives back home who are Payne’s so we get excited when we have the chance to speak one with another. Plus… who is alexandra again? haha im really not sure.

So this past week was transfers, but i will be staying and finishing the training with Elder Agabu so i will be in Thaba ‘Nchu for 7 and 1/2 months and in the Bloemfontein zone for thirteen months. Im actually really glad i get to be here for such a long time though, because it means the people who we started teaching last year are either baptized or not. This weekend we have a baptism coming up of probably one of the most powerful investigators i have ever taught. Then in another few weeks we have more baptisms lined up, so there is a lot of progress happening in the ward.

It was funny as well when i found out i was staying, because that means i will be having my birthday here haha. I told some of the members in the ward “i dont want any thing special this year. I would appreciate every member giving me a brick. I have been in this area for so long that i may as well start building a house so i have some place to come back to after im done with mission.” They all get a laugh at that but at the same time im a little serious. This place has become my second home haha.

Bricks for Elder Payne's dream house
Bricks for Elder Payne’s dream house!

Well… im not sure what else to say. The week was great and i loved it. I hope all of you are safe in your many adventures this coming week!

Elder Payne


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