Exchanges with the Zone

From: Kendall Payne
Date: 2015-04-06 6:20 AM
To: Luana Payne;

Dear family

Thank you for honoring my wish about conference. I really am looking forward to it a lot.

(In response to a light-hearted question by a family member) I have not as yet killed a lion or a python, but i have not yet had the opportunity to.

This past week was very great and i loved it alot. We were able to go on exchanges within our district and zone and they were both wonderful. For the exchanges with our zone leaders, i was with elder brimhall, who is a very tall elder from missisipi. We had a great day finding new people to teach and teaching new people. We actually met a man who had been living in St.George Utah for the past 30 years and wanted to come back into contact with the church as badly as possible. As we talked he told us about all the experiences that he has had with the church and some of them include being able to meet with and talk to President Hinckley on two separate occasions which sounded awesome.

Our exchange within our district were great. I was with elder smith who is from johannesburg here in SA. We met some very prepared people and i was able to go back into my old area in Botsabelo which is always a nice experience as well. Its a little weird because when i see people from the branch their they say”Elder Payne??!! You haven’t left Thaba ‘Nchu yet?! You are going to finish your mission there! just know you are going no where else!!” its kind of funny haha but i dont think ill be in Thaba ‘Nchu for much longer.

As well this past weekend was a weird experience for me because of Easter weekend. Like it was the first time in my life where i have seen churches been open from thursday morning, until sunday evening. Haha now i can see why some people only come to church once per year. If i did close to 72 hours of being in a church service, with no breaks in between, then i wouldnt want to attend very often either. I like how our church does it with conference. Its very pleasant to me now.

I think that is about it for this week, but i hope you guys continue to be amazing. I love you all!!

Elder Payne


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