Training a new missionary!

From: Kendall Payne
Date: 2015-03-02 2:40 AM
To: Luana Payne


This week i found out that i am going to be training a new missionary! Its pretty exciting but at the same time i am really nervous. But i am glad that i have the best support system available… The Lord. Im going to be depending on him a lot more in the coming weeks. That is probably why he decided to give me this opportunity, so that i can get closer to him.

As for answering your questions or responding to what you have said… Im glad that shae is going on dates but weird that she found a guy who reminds her of me. My advice… Dump him haha one of me is enough in the family. Im sad to hear janessa hurt her back. Please be more careful. As much as you believe it true… You are not super woman, wonder woman or any other type of hero belonging to mythos. You are you. And there is no one better at that job than you. So stick to that haha. Mom and dad… Im glad to hear that you are both doing okay. Let me know how things go with laceys baby.

Have a good week all!!

Elder Payne


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