Meeting with the Mission President

From: Kendall Payne
Date: 9 February, 2015 7:09:51 AM MST
To: Luana Payne
Subject: Re:

Hey family!!

First off. Janessa never doubt for a moment that you are loved by me. even if i dont say it over email know that you are awesome and fantastic. You are a rock star. But not literally a rock star haha.

Shae… well i hope the wisdom teeth thing goes well for you haha just remember how funny i was when i got mine out.

Mom and Dad you two are awesome as well and i love you very much.

But as for this week… i dont really know what to say. But today we did have our interviews with our mission president and he told me as i sat down “Elder Payne i dont see any problems that you are going through. I actually feel a very calm energy around you.” Im glad that all the hard work has finally paid off haha, but i still have a long ways to go.

This interview was actually very awesome! President just asked me a few questions about the area and my companion and that was pretty much it. He did say however that i will be going coastal very soon. I love the area that i am serving in but i would also love to see durban haha. He told me “you have spent your whole mission away from the coast and have done a lot of really good work. I think its time that we call you to come work for us over there. Your set of skills seem to be particular to a few areas.” Again i was kind of like wow! President is showing a lot of confidence in me. I really need to continue doing my best for him and the lord.

Also something i thought you might like to know is i received the christmas parcel from you people and also one from the ward primary which was a real treat. I really enjoyed all the contents hidden inside.

I dont have much time this week but i hope you all have a very good week!!

Elder Seth Payne

This week I also included a short but interesting snippet from a letter Mom sent to Elder Payne.

On Sun, Feb 8, 2015 at 5:52 PM, Luana Payne wrote (to Elder Payne):

… Lacey (Elder Payne’s sister) did get an official letter from President Monson about the change in your call (emphasis added). I am taking that home and putting it in your box of treasures.


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