From: Kendall Payne
Sent: December-08-14 4:45:05 AM
To: Luana Payne

Hey family!!

Just an update on my book of mormon reading. Right now i am in 3 nephi 23 and i have the goal in mind to be done before christmas day. Its been a little challenging thus far, but i know it will be well worth it to finish it in time.

I havent seen or heard anything about the christmas parcel. Right now i am serving in what the missionaries here call “outer darkness” because it is so far away from the mission home. That is probably another reason why i havent seen it. We only get mail when someone take a trip to or from durban, so getting mail is far and in between haha.

This past week was kind of adventurous haha. We have been having some really bad thunder and lightning storms recently. They get to the point where they kill the power for the whole area in which we are staying. So it has become pretty usual to come home and find the power is off. When that happens we just close our day and go to bed hungry haha. It sucks a little bit but still its awesome.

Also this past week we had a baptism!! Leading up to the baptism there was a bit of drama going around. The young man who was getting baptised kept trying to choose people to baptise him, but people would either say they couldnt, or that they would be out of town for that sunday. but eventually we found someone who was willing to baptise him and things were finally going to run smoothly for the baptism. So preparing for the baptism my companion got the baptismal clothes ready for Thapelo (name of investigator getting baptised) Then after he finished folding up the clothes he went into his closet and pulled out another white shirt and his white pants. I was a little confused as to why he was doing this because we had the whole program set up but he had no part in it. I really didnt think anything else of it until we showed up at the chapel and found out that the man who agreed to baptise thapelo went away to visit some family. When we heard that my companion said “so thats why i had the thought to bring my clothes!” It was pretty cool! haha so the baptism went smoothly and thapelo was able to bear a powerful testimony of christ after the whole service. It was a good moment for his mother as well because as of yet we have been unable to teach her, but she showed up to her sons baptismal program. I feel confident in saying that she felt the spirit and now she will want to know why her son is so happy with the choice that he has made. It was really just a great day all around haha.

But thats pretty much it for this week!! im looking forward to the call home and seeing all your beautiful smiling faces! even if you arent beautiful ill still be happy to see your face!

I love you guys!!

Elder Seth Paye


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