Love makes the difference

On Mon, Nov 10, 2014 at 12:36 PM, Kendall Payne wrote:

Dear Family!

This past week was pretty awesome. My companion and i a few weeks ago tracted into a young man who was very interested in the gospel and what we had to tell him. As the lessons have progressed he has told his friends what we have been teaching and they have been coming into the lessons as well. So now we have five young men that we are teaching, that are all around the same age group (16-19) and they all have interests in learning the gospel which is stellar. This past friday and saturday we have had activities that are focused on youth and helping them bring their friends to church. On friday one of the Elders teaches a dance class and afterwards we have mutual activities and play games with every one that comes, and luckily four out of the five boys were able to make it and they really enjoyed it. Then on saturday we had a soccer game which all five boys came to and they all really enjoyed it. It was just awesome. We asked Lebohong (who was the first investigator) if he was coming to church the following day and he said “Elders yes! im bringing my friends as well!”

Haha i really love these young men and my comp and i talked all the way back to the boarding how we can see these boys going on mission within the next five years, coming back and being leaders in the church. As well we have some less active young men that we have been working with that are coming back into Full activity and they have told us that they want to go on missions in the future to do what we are doing every day. These past few weeks have been awesome with all the work that we have done. We have seen lots of investigators come to church and hopefully we will be able to see some of these fantastic people baptised and reactivated into the church.

Something That a senior couple told me a long time ago that i have tried to apply since the day that i heard it was this “Love the area, love the people in the area and love your companion, then every thing else will fall into place.” I have pretty much made that my mission motto and i have seen the benefits from the love that we pour into the area. Something as well my companion told me a while ago “if you get out of bed with the attitude that the day is going to be horrible, then you will have a horrible day.” I can also tell you i know that those words are true haha. I was reading through my patriarchal blessing a while ago and a line that stuck out to me was “you have much reason to be positive and optimistic” I know as well as we come into situations being positive, bright and friendly then it is going to work out so much better for us in the end.

And to answer your question dad, if you experience a stupor of thought after you pray to heavenly father, then it means whatever plan or possible answer you had in mind was wrong and that is not what he wants you to do. Please Review D&C 9:7-9. Im sure it will give you the answer you want and need.

I love you guys and every thing that you do for me!! Im looking forward to chatting with you at christmas time!! I hope your next week is amazing!

Love Elder Seth Payne

Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2014 13:12:06 +0200

Subject: Re:
From: kendall.payne
To: cardstonmomma

As well, the Andrus couple came to bloemfontein and told me to say hello to you folks for them


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