Giving our best in callings… and a bear

Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2014 12:20:36 +0200
From: kendall.payne
To: cardstonmomma

Hey guys!!

I dont know if i told you this but i didnt collect anyones emails or mailing addresses before i left, so i dont even have Cassidys home mailing address. i think i would prefer to send it to her home in cardston anyways. So if you could send me that address… that would be splendiferous and i would really appreciate it.

Thats craziness!! dad shot a bear and the Bishopric got released in the same week?? I had completely forgotten that Bishop Leavitts time was coming to a close but thats exciting to hear that you got another excellent Bishop to replace him!! I love Bishop leavitt alot so it will be a little weird to come home to bishop Nunn haha but im sure he will do a great job. And i wouldnt worry to much about your callings in the church there Dad. Like Elder Oaks said in the Last general Conference about the stake president that he released that soon got the calling to be a nursery teacher and how only in this cjurch can that be seen as equally honorable. So i wouldnt worry to much about your calling because any calling in the church has you in the service of the Lord. Even Folding and unfolding chairs on saturday and sunday is a great calling haha.

This past week was a little Crazy. I left Ladysmith to go to my new area in Lesotho, But unfortunately, no missionaries are allowed to go into the country because the Military tried to over throw the government. I think its called a couexx…. im not sure how you spell it…. But as of right now im serving in an Area called botshabelo which is not to far from kimberely my first area and is very close to Bloemfontein which is my first Zone. Haha i was surprised when i heard that i would be coming back to this zone, but everything is done by the wisdom of him who knoweth all things. My Companion is Elder Lime ( not lime. Pronounce it lee-meh) and he is from Kenya. We talk about Kenya a few times but we always agree, that im never going to kenya which is just fine with me. Ive grown to love this mission to much to leave it right now.

The work is going good but im also very tired from all the walking that we are doing haha I hope you guys have a good week!! And keep up the good reading in the Book Of Mormon Shae!!

Love you guys. Elder Seth Payne


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