Gifts and Botshabelo

Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2014 14:17:41 +0200
From: kendall.payne
To: cardstonmomma

hey fam jam!!

im glad to hear that you got the gifts!! Like the note said thats it for like every holiday haha i dont have money to send anything else home but im glad you enjoy them. I kinda felt like i had to send some things home for christmas even though im not involved in the christmas draw this year.

This past week was pretty good. Elder Lime and i are still working hard but we are not yet allowed to go to Lesotho. Elder Bednar, who is in charge of the missions in africa, feels like we need to wait thirty more days and see what happens from there. So it looks like i am again waiting to get into another country on my mission haha.

The township where we are working is pretty cool. A township is where the government has built and provided free houses to all those of african descent, so that means that only the blacks and the mixed raced people stay there. It also means that the missionaries are the only white people in the whole area haha. Its about thirty to forty minutes away from bloemfontein, so we come to bloem on mondays to do our emailing and shopping. But we dont stay in Botshabelo. We live in a gated community about Twenty minutes away from bloem haha so we have a lot of driving either way but its kind of nice.

Also i wanted to thank you for getting me (a friend’s) address!! that was like the high point of my emails today haha. Im not able to see the videos, but thats okay haha im sure Janessa does good.

Well i hope you guys have a good week and stay awesome!! I didnt hear about the reading this week!! Keep me updated!!

Love Elder Seth Payne


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