Training soon!

From: Kendall Payne
Sent: August 25, 2014 6:19 AM
To: Luana Payne

Janessa, why in the world would you want to try out for the cheer team? Don’t you know that you can always cheer loudest from the stands? But if its what you want to do then go for it!! Shae you are very capable at doing your job. Please continue to read the book of Mormon and tell me the progress of your reading if you would. I would enjoy that very berry much. Mom… Digs? what? I dont understand… And I do apologize for not emailing you last week. I thought your computer was still not working and that Devs would pass on the email. My father in the branch actually wants to contact you!! His name is Suren Ramraj and he is one of my favourite people ever. Hopefully by Wednesday he can send you at least an email or facebook message. He wants to see pictures of my family back home. And I think you knew this already, but President Reber is actually cousins with bishop Leavitt so that may be another reason why they are there. And I as well haven’t heard of any twinkling happening around these parts but if it does I will let you know haha. This past week was pretty good. We had our zone training meeting in Newcastle on Wednesday and they taught us out of PMG how we can improve our teaching styles. Im going to say… its amazing to me how many things I have been missing while I have been teaching and what I can improve on. One thing I noticed that I wanted to start doing is praying for my companion during the lesson. Like not offering a prayer out loud because that would be so weird. But offering a prayer in the heart is what it meant. So that will help in the work. Something else they mentioned was that we need to find places where we can drop “nuclear bombs of spirituality” so we can increase the amount of people that we are teaching. Ill admit, after the school presentations, we are always on our toes with people around our area. It would be nice we had another set of elders here, but for now we will just continue to work like a plow horse and have the endurance of a race horse. We have also started to teach an English class to people and I think to day or tomorrow we are going to put up signs to offer a free English class to people. Its going to be very effective I think. And very soon we are going to be having a baptism!! The investigators name is malipo and he is someone that has been taught for a long time But he feels like he is ready and we feel like he is ready. He actually told us that he doesn’t want to wait for his wife to be baptised with him because she is just slowing him down haha. The man has some courage!! So it will be nice being able to see him get dunked, But we have to continue doing Less active work. Its sad that some people lose focus of what their potential is for a little bit. Then we have to find and bring them back. And Janessa remember this. Our purpose as missionaries is not only to baptise people, but that is essential, But to strengthen up the church where ever we go. And Jesus Christ himself told his apostles to find the lost sheep of Israel. His joy and gladness are huge when we bring back a lost sheep which means less active members. And we are also to strengthen those around us. So if you see someone struggling you should do all you can to help them. Even if sometimes they can be cranks you should help them. I love the enthusiasm that you have for me to baptise people, But I did not come on mission to dunk people like oreo cookies. I want to strengthen all those around me and find those lost sheep. But keep up the enthusiasm!! I love it haha. Even though you aren’t a redhead you can be quite a little fire cracker. Oh and I was going to mention but I dont know what you people at home can do. Sometimes I feel like im starving because I dont think the mission gives us enough money for food. But I will just continue to get thin until I figure out a solution to my eating problem haha. oh and we had interviews this past Saturday and he told me that soon I will be training! So be ready for news about a grandson in the family haha. (just a grandson on mission though not in real life) I love you guys and I hope you continue to do well!! Seth Payne


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