Baptism coming soon!

From: Kendall Payne
Sent: September 1, 2014 7:24 AM
To: Luana Payne

Hey family!! First off I got told by Suren to tell you that he is not an African, But a Napalese. haha second… Shae!! where are you with the book of Mormon reading?? I would really like to know!! Also… third I have something serious to ask… Mom Or dad (but preferably mom) could you get me Cassidy Duce’s home address so I can send her a letter? the sooner the better!! Im sorry that I haven’t sent any letters but I will very soon! I just need her address first and then I will send you a letter haha. AND WHAT ABOUT THAT PACKAGE I SENT?? I haven’t heard anything from you about that!! Have you received it and have just kept quiet about it?? but that’s not important really I guess. And I guess I do get enough food, But I just feel like im starving most of the time haha. Ive actually gained some weight which isn’t good!! I don’t want to be fat when I get back!! Just because janessa and shaelyn would never leave a fatty like me alone!! I don’t know why but if there is a fluffy ginger around, they are automatically the target for bullies. So im going to start working out so I lose this nastiness!! And janessa you will be happy to hear we are baptising someone this next sunday!! IM SO EXCITED!! we told him that he had a choice for who baptised him and he said “okay… I choose you Elder Payne!” Eish!! I haven’t baptised anyone yet!! what if he cant swim? what happens then? haha im sure it will be fine because like I said im going to work out so ill be nice and strong before sunday! (hopefully) Umm we have no other news to tell you really… Just that a letter like every month at least would be nice. Emails are great… But I do love letters from home. I guess you guys are punishing me until I send you a letter or two haha. Anyways we have a zone activity at our nice new boarding today so we have to take off!! but I love you guys and I miss you all!! Keep it real!! Elder Seth Payne


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