Sawnbonani (hello in Zulu to a group of people)

Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2014 12:28:06 +0200

Subject: Re: GRAD
From: kendall.payne
To: cardstonmomma

Sawnbonani family at home!! (hello in Zulu to a group of people) Thanks for the four emails people!! And also thanks for the Grad pictures!! Shaelyn looks SOOOOO pretty!! But ill stand by what I said before. Ben is a great guy, im sure. But hes a little weird looking not that its any fault of his haha. Im just happy to know Justin Beazer didn’t take her to Grad!! that would have made me extremely Sad. I could even say that it would be Bad!! I would also say it might make me a little Mad!! Going to Grad with a Lad that is not so Rad would have been very Sad!! Im sure that you could also get the same words out of Dad!! Allll right it… those are all the words I can think of that rhyme with Grad haha I hope you enjoy that. So this week is the middle of the school year so that means Winter Vacation!! the one thing I can say I hate on mission is Holidays. Nobody is home!! But im sure that this too shall pass. once school is back in session we will be able to see EVERYONE!! This week despite missing a lot of people we were able to see One of my favourite less active families ever!! Elder Kelsey and I continued on reading the Book of Mormon with them and explaining any thing they didn’t understand. It was actually a very wonderful lesson. I cant remember if I told about the reading program That elder Kelsey and I created so I will just tell you again… We created a program for all of our investigators/ less actives so they can gain a testimony of the book of Mormon for themselves while in the mean time having things be explained that they don’t understand. I cant even keep track of how many times we have read the words ” I Nephi having been Born of Goodly Parents” but I can tell you that EVERY time I read them I get excited because it means I am again starting to read the book that has changed the lives of millions, countless nations and beings in the spirit world. Elder Jeffrey R. Holland gave a powerful message about the Book of Mormon and how everything in this Gospel hinges on it. If you can discredit the book then you can discredit our religion (both of these things are impossible because you cannot discredit the truth) I know that this book is true and it explains everything that man kind needs to come back and live in the presence of our loving heavenly father and his son Jesus Christ. Also along the lines of my studies I have continued reading Jesus The Christ. This book is absolute POWER. I don’t know if you, mom or dad have read it but if you have any questions at all about the life of Christ and his teachings, I would refer you to that book. I have learned more fully the perfect example that he was and how he loves us all. Im sure I will re read it again, but probably after I have read the Book of Mormon again. I want to be able to read the Book of Mormon four times on mission. Once for every six months. that’s a pretty realistic goal right? Well I love you guys and hope you have a good week!! Salagathle! (go well) Elder Payne


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