Here is your patriarchal blessing

Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2014 15:27:31 +0200
Subject: Transfer News!!
From: kendall.payne
To: cardstonmomma

Hey family!! I sent you a picture we took as a zone at Elder and Sister Herringtons house last night! in the back you can see me and my companion elder Kelsey. He is the bald guy right next to me flexing like some sort of maniac haha. WHO IS TAKING SHAELYN TO GRAD???? This question has been killing me!! Has she been accepted into any schools? has she applied? So for us this past week Elder Kelsey and I committed an investigator on a Baptismal Date!! hope fully this is the first I have on mission! The mans name is Stewart and is from Malawi. He was super prepared to meet with us!! He told us last week that our church is his church now and we wont leave it!! AHHHH this man is power!! Also we received transfer news on Saturday And I will be staying in ladysmith with Elder Kelsey for another transfer!! im so Excited!! Elder Kelsey is basically my twin our birthdays are so close so I call him Buthi which means Brother in Zulu. I love this Guy a lot. We have a lot of work to do here. At the start of last transfer we put all of our Less actives that we see on a reading program so they can finish the Book of Mormon in a year. Its actually been working very well!! My companion and I came to the conclusion that a big reason why you fall away from the church is because you don’t have a testimony of the Book of Mormon and you have stopped reading as well. It has also helped me with my own testimony and personal reading as well because often time when they share something they like in any scripture, it opens my mind to that verse. I have grown to love reading and sharing this book with every body that we teach.

Also this week we went and saw Gogo (grandma) Mbata a woman who we met while street contacting a few weeks ago. We didn’t have much time to teach her last time we visited her because she was having a party at her house so there was a lot of people there which was an advantage and disadvantage as well. So at the end of that lesson we left her with a plan of Salvation Pamphlet and left because we really were not feeling the spirit. We came back on Thursday and she was so happy to see us! She said that reading the pamphlet opened up her mind to so many more wonderful works of our heavenly father. She LOVED it. It was also a little funny because she said she only had one question for us. She turned the pamphlet around and pointed to the Book of Mormon on the back and asked ” What is this book? And where can I get one?” we were so happy to give her AND her sister a book of Mormon because they as well were very prepared to meet us. At the end of the lesson This dear Gogo said “you know I think this book of Mormon is just as good or better than the bible.” Not saying I dislike the bible but I would have to agree with her haha. It was a very powerful lesson and I loved it. I look forward every day to serving people here and helping them progress. I love you guys a bunch!

Elder Payne


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