There is so much work for us to do it’s ridiculous!!

Date: Mon, 26 May 2014 12:00:50 +0200
Subject: Re: This week.
From: kendall.payne
To: cardstonmomma

Dear Family At home!!Sawubona!! (zulu for hello) i absolutley LOVE ladysmith! there is so much work for us to do its ridiculous!! there hasnt been one day this past week that me and my companion havent been completely exhausted physically at the end of the day. We plan for the next day eat and go to bed just so tired. Its so nice haha i love it. We decided, Elder Kelsey and i that since the book of Enos is only one chapter long and is chalked full of faith and prayer, that it would make an excellent spiritual thought to share with less active families. They really seem to enjoy talking about it. The power of prayer is something that seems to spark the seed of faith really well. As a result we have been teaching some of the most spiritual lessons ive experienced on mission this far. its hard to imagine that you can replicate so powerful a lesson but i believe that we will be able to. I love Elder Kelsey and his hard working attitude. i feel like the work has been equally yoked between the both of us and as a result we are beginning to see real growth in the area even just in this past week. We are also planning to go to schools and do presentations on morality and discipline, so we have big plans in the works right now! I need to send you some more pictures i know but we havent had anytime to take pictures so we might do that today as well haha. Also this past week we had interviews with president zackrison which is always spiritual. I thought to myself that it is probably one of the most spiritual things you could do on mission besides going to the temple. I really love interviews. Ive received no package yet, but im planning to send one off today to you! For my birthday i just bought myself a pack of my favourite candy here and called it good. haha we have no time for nonsense like birthdays. But i do feel like im old. Fun Fact! Elder Kelsey had his birthday this month as well so we are practically birthday buddies! Also he has two sisters the same age as shaelyn and janessa! so he has one sister leaving Gr.9 and another that Is graduating from Gr.12! its Craziness for suresies. Well i think that is it for this week But i love you guys a lot!! Elder Payne


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