Mission changes!

Date: Mon, 19 May 2014 12:19:52 +0200
Subject: Re: mothers day
From: kendall.payne
To: cardstonmomma

Family At home!! Hello from Ladysmith!! So big News today!! The first presidency has been praying for a long time about our mission and has decided to make Swaziland a part of the Mozambique Mission Starting next transfer. So that means all the missionaries that are currently serving in swazi are now a part of the Mozambique mission. Elder Reeves My trainer is in swaziland so i doubt i will see him for the rest of my mission. I will miss the man greatly. Also Elder Macmillan from red deere was in swaziland so he is having his mission changed AGAIN!! This kid has some serious plans in the works if he keeps jumping missions like this. I hope one day to meet with him in kenya. And Dad, Onstar is very simple. i wish i could sit down with you and help you figure everything out. But since im not there i will pray for you and your work. Im interested to know some of your experiences from your mission. And i would love to hear from Uncle Bryce telling me about his mission. I dont know how long i will be here in South Africa But i may as well make the most of it. This past week ever since monday has been interesting. On monday night a half hour before i was supposed to get on the bus to go to Ladysmith, i woke up and was incredibly sick (probably from the tripe or chicken feet) so i stayed in Bloemfontein for two days until the issue cleared up. I got a ride from Elder And Sister Carlile to ladysmith to meet my new companion Elder Kelsey from Utah. But i got into my area on thursday and i love it! the members here are really kind to everyone and this ward feels like a big family so i feel like i am at home. Not much else to share except Shaelyn im positive you will do amazing if you enter in for a scholarship. Janessa!! Wena!! you didnt email me!! im coming back over the ocean to shoot you in the foot with a rusty arrow!! HAHA!! VENGEANCE WILL BE MINE!!!!! anyways i love you folks. Have a good week! Elder Payne


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