Mother’s Day means a call home!

Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2014 12:08:10 +0200
Subject: Re: This week
From: kendall.payne
To: cardstonmomma

Hey family! General conference was amazing and i learned alot. But mothers day is coming up and that means a call home! One of the senior couples in the mission asked us to tell you this: Skype and Facetime are available. we are 8 hours ahead of utah and idaho, so earliest sunday would be 3 pm here which is 7 am there. 9 pm here is 1 pm there. They will be giving us a time schedule within the week so i will let you know what time i have been alloted to speak with you in canada. Could you talk with everyone and see if a family gathering will be possible? i doubt that i will get time to speak with everyone in the family or maybe we could set up a joint Skype discussion so everyone can gather in different locations. SEND ME PICTURES OF SHAES GRAD!! I CANT BELIEVE IM MISSING IT!! and guess what??!! it hailed here!! they were the size of gobstoppers coming down and beating us to a pulp! luckily we were only outside for a few minutes but the rain that came with the hail completley soaked us in less than a minute. unfortunately i didnt take any pictures of that experience, but here are some of me eating a chickens foot, elder lafrance and elder lewis (he actually doesnt have that much hair) love you guys a bunch. tell me you skype address and get after naomi, angela, cassidy and chris for not emailing me!! elder payne


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