Conference and upcoming birthday!

Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2014 10:42:33
Subject: Re: This week
From: kendall.payne
To: cardstonmomma

Hey Family at home!! we have not yet watched conference but we will see it this coming weekend so thats exciting! and elder Lafrance likes the photos that you sent. i think he is going to send you some as well from his mission. And Brittany still hasnt had her baby?? man she must be hurting like mad. Give janessa some of Connie Henries Miracle mixes. that pack you sent with me is MARVELOUS!!! and speaking about packages… My birthday is next month!! im really hoping for a package from home in may. a few things that i would like is twistable crayons, a hackey sack, candy (no chocolate), and other stuff that you think i might like. This past week we had Zone Conference and i got to say good bye to the Clusters who are my favourite seniour couple here on mission. they remind me of you and dad in a few ways, which i think is why i really like them. they are going home wednesday to utah. if you ever go to utah you should definitely visit them. i love them greatly. Heres a picture of me eating at a resteraunt that i think you will like. This past week was a good one for us here. we managed to find another investigator, whose name is Dolphin. she is a member of a part member family that we have been visiting and she has a desire to be baptised which is AWESOME!!! i am starting to really enjoy kimberley now that we have established a good pool of investigators. Also could you ask Naomi Burbank, Angela Calkins, Cassidy Duce and Chris Sykes if they will email me? i miss those people like crazy and want to hear from them super badly. love you guys, I wish Janessa (Ruthless Toothless) good luck at overcoming her sickness and at Archery Nationals. Have a good week. Elder Payne

Chickien foot

Chicken foot

Eating chicken foot

Superfly badge and glasses

Afro bro

Friendly grimace


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