South Africa

On Feb 24, 2014, at 10:49 AM, “Kendall Payne” wrote:

hey Devoney! things have gone pretty well this week for us. We have committed another man to be baptised on march 29, but something my trainer has kept repeating to me is the baptism is worthless if we dont retain them as a member. so we are doing our best to make sure they know what they are getting themselves into before the dip a toe into the baptismal font. Things continue to get more cramped in our flat. We had a second fridge dropped off in preparation for the addition that the landlords are building for us (3/3/14 …we needed the second fridge to hold the other companionships food), but as of right now its pretty tight in our quarters. Also this past week we had a good discussion on safety from a senior couple called the Carlile’s. The reason for it was because the other two elders in our area got there bikes stolen during the middle of the day so they just wanted to remind us to keep all our valuables locked up and out of sight. for P day today we went to a tourist attraction called The Big Hole which is literally just a big old mining hole in the middle of kimbereley. It was pretty crazy to see because when it was dug people were just using pickaxes and shovels yet they removed nearly 22,000,000 tons of dirt and produced 2700 kg’s of diamonds. but not all diamonds are clear. alot of the ones they pulled out were white but they also had brown, yellow, blue and green. they said you can find red diamonds but mainly in india. well i think thats it for this week. Elder Payne


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