2 Baptisms and a Lifty Artisan

On Mar 3, 2014, at 12:42 AM, “Kendall Payne” wrote:

things have been pretty tight in our flat recently but they have started with the construction to build on another room. they are projecting that it will be done within the next week or two so that is pretty sweet. and you wont believe what i saw the other day in galeshewa. when we walked out of a lesson with one of our investigators, i looked down the street and saw some kid having a birthday party. the biggest attraction though was the bouncy house that they had in the front yard. i was pretty amazed. the weather has been really nice recently. lots of sun with very little cloud cover so its been pretty hot. things continue to pick up for us as well. On wednesday we are holding a baptismal service and are dunking one investigator that elder reeves has been working with since last year and an eight year old boy in the ward. we are trying to get the rest of our investigators to come to the service so they know what to expect when we invite them to be baptised. Also this past week we had ward missionary splits so us elders got to teach some members what we do every day. The man i got paired up with is a elevator technician or as they call them over here a Lifty Artisan which is a weird title haha. When we were on our way to meet with an investigator he got a call from his boss saying that someone was stuck in a lift and they needed him right away. so i got to see how they get someone out of a stuck lift which was pretty cool. Well i think thats it for now. hope you have a great week! Elder Payne


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