This week

Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2014 10:58:58 +0200
Subject: Re: This week
From: kendall.payne
To: cardstonmomma

hey family at home! i fell super bad about the short email this past week so ill make this one a little longer. our main investigator joshuwa is almost ready for baptism, but him and his wife need to get married before that happens. she is worried about the government taking away her passport since she wasn’t born here in south africa. ive noticed that most people remain a little superstitious especially involving two white men who are constantly dressed up and have name badges. there has been a few times when we have been asked if we are cia agents. its pretty funny. also this week we had the opportunity to give service at the young adults dance that the stake held. it reminded my trainer of visiting brooklyn, because of the music and how everyone was dancing. i thought that we had walked into the movie step up haha. well thats all for now!! … Love Elder Payne


Service and getting super burnt

hey devoney! i need to be able to use my home card to buy the cable (for his camera) but i cant call the card company so thats a little frustrating. lacey said that it should have an email on the back but it doesnt. things went very well this past week. we had an opportunity to give some service at the ysa dance that the stake held. it was pretty awesome. also this past week i got super burnt cause i went on exchanges with elder mutoriti our district leader. but the package from mrs.henrie helped out a bunch!! ill do my best today to find a cord so i can send some pics. love Elder Payne

Zone Conference Picture- Jan. 23

Zone Conference Picture- Jan. 23
re: Elder Payne’s somber expression:
haha that was my first day in bloemfontein! i just had a ten hour bus ride and was super tired at that point

Personal letter 3

From: Kendall Payne
Date: February 10, 2014 at 3:23:17 AM MST
To: Devoney Wolfe

well devoney this week has been super sweet!! i went to a game reserve and saw a lion, cheetah and an ostrich. apparently you can ride them so i may do that soon haha. the work has been getting a little easier so im pretty grateful for that. We have one investigator on date for baptism and we are challenging two more this week. We realized the quickest way to people is to do service so we have been looking for opportunites like that. we helped a man change a flat tire on saturday and that led to him giving us a refferal which was awesome. The black people call us pastor’s and always want to hear just a little message of what we have to say. We also had a book of mormon handed back to us, but trials make us stronger. Love you Dev. Elder Payne

Personal letter 2

Second personal correspondence to Devoney.

From: Kendall Seth Payne
Date: February 3, 2014 at 12:14:51 AM MST
To: Devoney Wolfe

…This past week has been a little frustrating because we have been doing a bunch of tracting but not a whole lot of teaching. We still have joshua who is a really solid guy. im constantly impressed by the faithfulness of the african people. they are just incredible. and ive stopped trying to learn swahili for the moment because everyone here in kimberely speaks either Afrikaans, Swana or Zulu. these are still pretty cool languages but they are a lot tougher to learn. Afrikaans sounds like dutch and Swana and Zulu Have clicks so im struggling with that. well i think that all for now!! lots of love Elder Payne

Personal letter 1

This letter is one Seth sent me (Devoney) personally. *added info italicized*

From: Kendall Seth Payne
Date: January 27, 2014 at 2:44:34 AM MST
To: Devoney Wolfe
Subject: Re: Love for you.

Hey Devoney i feel Really guilty but this email is going to be a little short. ive been learning how to rely on the lord and my companion a whole lot more and i really hope that trials will make me stronger. i love that you have been sharing my mission experiences with other people. if you get a chance read D&C 136:30-31 (see below). Its a scripture shared to me by my companion elder reeves who is one solid individual. i love you abd will send some pictures next week. love elder payne

Fear not thine enemies, for they are in mine hands and I will do my pleasure with them.

My people must be tried in all things, that they may be prepared to receive the glory that I have for them, even the glory of Zion; and he that will not bear chastisement is not worthy of my kingdom.