This week

Hey family at home!! im doing super good right now. My Companion elder reeves and i just split the kimbereley area so we have not that much work to do right now. just a lot of footwork. hopefully we can get all the priesthood members we need back to church so we can split the ward and get a temple in bloemfontein in the coming years. … im pretty sure my camera cord got picked so i will send some picture next week. Sister Reber and President Reber Are an amazing couple and im so glad i got to meet them. President and Sister Zackrison are also an amazing couple and have a lot of love for all the missionaries in durban. the food is pretty spicy and the bugs are pretty nasty. last week there was a spider about the size of a toonie waiting for me on my pillow so i was a little grossed out. (A toonie is a Canadian two-dollar coin, diameter 28 mm / 1.102 inches. See below.) Elder Reeves my trainer is a pretty cool dude and wants to see a picture of our family but i think he specifically wants a picture of (Elder Payne’s teenage sister) haha. on sunday i met a woman who told me that she knew i would be coming here and has been waiting to see my smiling face for a while now so i thought that was a little weird. i love you gus and want to hear from… (more people). ill send you guys some pretty picture of the temple and flamingoes next week when i get a cord. Nakupenda Elder Payne

edits in italics

I’d rather have the toonie:



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