Elder Payne in Africa

Date: Thu, 9 Jan 2014 14:36:44 +0200

So im in South Africa now at the missionary training center!! The flight from calgary to london was ridiculously long and we hit a load of turbulence so i didnt get much sleep until i got on the flight from london to Johannesburg. i was actually really sad when we landed in london because we were asked not to leave the airport even thoough we had eight hours until our next flight. So we just walked around the terminal hunting for missionaries haha. We found two elders while doing this. One was Elder Henderson from Las Vegas and the Other was Elder Bryant from Arizona. I was rather inpressed Elder Bryant because he has been an member of the church for only a year, hes the only member in his family and yet he decided to serve a mission. This kid is a gem! When we landed in africa we were all super tired because we had been on flights for almost a whole day and were very tired. but when we stepped outside we were amazed with the simplest things like how crazy the trees look and how nobody but white people wear their seatbelts. Our driver showed us the largest man made park any where in the world so the was pretty cool. ive seen it rain once so ive alrwady felt the rains down in africa haha. i found out when i got to the mission home that it is the smallest in the world and can only house and train 30 elders at a time so im getting to know every body here pretty well. when i had the interview with the mission president he said to remember a few things one my mission. one was that in the companionship there are only two people who matter and those two people are the lord and your companion. we have been asked to forget all about ourselves and make the relation ship as strong as it can be. and the time zones have messed up all the elders so im pretty exhausted right now. Elder Hinckley and i have been getting along really well and we met another Elder From Victoria that we both get along with pretty well. His name is Elder Faganello and hes a pretty solid kid. well thats about all and i promise to send some pictures soon. talk to you later.

Elder Payne


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