A word of explanation…

This is the blog for Elder Seth Payne, a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, called to serve our Savior in the Kenya Nairobi mission. As much as possible, these posts are directly taken, unedited, from emails written by him or people who have emailed on his behalf. My name is Devoney Wolfe, and I am Elder Payne’s oldest sister. I wanted to do a service for my brother because I love him and am proud of him, so I am compiling these in a blog for him to help him spread the good news of Christ!

Why do missionaries like Elder Payne do what they do and why do we send them out at all? It is because we love Christ, and, even more importantly, that Jesus Christ loves all people and wants to share the message of His love with them. It is our privilege that He graciously allows us to help Him do this through missionary work.

Thanks for reading!

~ Devoney Wolfe


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