This week

Hey family at home!! im doing super good right now. My Companion elder reeves and i just split the kimbereley area so we have not that much work to do right now. just a lot of footwork. hopefully we can get all the priesthood members we need back to church so we can split the ward and get a temple in bloemfontein in the coming years. … im pretty sure my camera cord got picked so i will send some picture next week. Sister Reber and President Reber Are an amazing couple and im so glad i got to meet them. President and Sister Zackrison are also an amazing couple and have a lot of love for all the missionaries in durban. the food is pretty spicy and the bugs are pretty nasty. last week there was a spider about the size of a toonie waiting for me on my pillow so i was a little grossed out. (A toonie is a Canadian two-dollar coin, diameter 28 mm / 1.102 inches. See below.) Elder Reeves my trainer is a pretty cool dude and wants to see a picture of our family but i think he specifically wants a picture of (Elder Payne’s teenage sister) haha. on sunday i met a woman who told me that she knew i would be coming here and has been waiting to see my smiling face for a while now so i thought that was a little weird. i love you gus and want to hear from… (more people). ill send you guys some pretty picture of the temple and flamingoes next week when i get a cord. Nakupenda Elder Payne

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I’d rather have the toonie:



Elder Payne

From: Luana Payne
Date: January 24, 2014 at 10:49:49 AM MST
Subject: Elder Payne

Just a quick message to let you know that they are having trouble getting visas into Kenya for any of the missionaries so right now Seth is serving in the Durban South Africa mission.  I have to heard from him this week, but they just moved from the mission home on Wednesday.  I got this information from our stake president, President Low this morning.  He called because he had been talking to Shaelyn at IGA and she sold him that we had not heard from Seth this week.  I’m sure we will hear on Monday.

Nakupenda!! (Swahili for I love you)

Hey mom! Everything has been going super well. This week my companion and i have been teaching the investigators at the MTC. their names are Ken Lyomo and Grace Nkosi. They are just roles that the teachers assume but it has been going super well teaching them. ive also learned two new games, and a bunch of words in swahili. President Reber said that this is one of the few MTC’s in the world that doesnt have the capacity to teach a language so that’s probably why i didnt get called to speak in swahili. On tuesday we had the opprotunity to go through the Jo Burg temple. from the outside it looks like a church house in canada. when i told the elders from africa that our temples were made out of granite instead of brick which they couldn’t wrap their minds around it. Nine of the elders didn’t have the opprotunity to get endowed before they got to the mission home so they had that wonderful opprotunity on tuesday. They went again today so all the white elders are stuck at the MTC with Brother Mocke. Hes a cool guy. He reminds me of Randy Roe except hes from cape town and has a sweet accent. During sports yesterday we Elder Malpage, and Elder Kaufusi taught them all how to play rugby. It kinda of reminded me of the gospel. At first it doesnt make sense, but eventually it makes sense and you have a blast. Ive been jogging and working out everyday so i dont get fat haha. Elder Lafleur and i are going to have a push up contest on the day we leave. I think i can beat him though. Hes only from utah haha. i was a little dissapointed to see only three emails from family though. If you could ask Lacey to repost that i would appreciate emails that would be sweet. im loving it here. im not sure i called TD Canada trust before i left. if you could call 18662223456 and tell them i will be in kenya for the next two years that would be great. Elder Malpage is pressuring me to get off so i have to sign off now. Nakupenda!! Elder Payne


Your missionary has arrived at the MTC!

Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2014 09:14:18 -0700

This is Sister Reber, wife of the MTC President. Your missionary has arrived and today they started their training.

From the photos you can see that they are a great looking bunch. One Elder from Madagascar didn’t come….(after two trips were made to the airport to pick him up)…as he was unable to get a visa.

One Sister from Uganda tried twice to come yesterday…..and the documentation wasn’t in order….so we are hoping she arrives tonight.

If you would like more updates, please let me know.

Sister Janet Reber
South Africa MTC